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February 9th Spring Opener Fundraiser – Pat Dorsey on “Western US Rivers’ Tailwaters and Colorado’s Best Trout Streams” and Much More!

Pat Dorsey is a Denver, Colorado based fly fishing guide and co-owner of the Blue Quill Angler, a full-service fly shop that has served customers since 1988.  Pat has pursued selective Rocky Mountain trout for over thirty-five years and as a result has a vast knowledge…

December 11th Meeting – Emily Buege (WDNR) on “Snapshot Wisconsin: Let’s Discover our Wildlife Together!”

Emily Buege is a Research Scientist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and a database manager and spatial analyst on the Snapshot Wisconsin project.  She has a B.S. in Ecology and a M.S. in Geography with an emphasis in environment and natural…

November 26th Meeting – Don Wolf on “Fishing Lake Nipigon and the Lake Nipigon Region”

As we all know, Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario are collectively known as the Great Lakes but these well-known bodies of water all originate from a lesser known source.  Lake Nipigon and the Nipigon River in northwestern Ontario drain into Lake Superior making…

October 22nd Meeting – Lisie Kitchel (WDNR) on “Wisconsin’s Native Freshwater Mussels: A Unique Resource”

Lisie Kitchel is a Conservation Biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) working in the Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation where she is an expert on Wisconsin’s native freshwater mussels.  Lisie is trained as an Aquatic Ecologist with a BS in Ecosystems…

September 24th Meeting – Jason Randall on “Nymph Fishing Secret Weapons”

Jason Randall has been an outdoor writer for the last twelve years with feature articles appearing regularly in American Angler, as well as Fly Fisherman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Northwest Fly Fishing and many other outdoor magazines. He is a veterinarian certified in fish health…

Summer Picnic – August 4th

August 4th will be our annual members summer picnic at Donald Park located just north of Mt. Vernon on Hwy 92. There will be food and conversation; Brian Ramsey will be there to teach, or help you improve your fly casting. So bring your…

Welcome to the new website

Hello, welcome to the new website. You will notice that it is still under construction and a few things are missing yet. Feel free to browse around – punch a few buttons and try it out.

Summer Break

The monthly meetings are over until September. Please use all the knowledge you have gained from the great speakers/presentations and go out fishing. Better yet – Take a kid fishing.

May Meeting – Paul Ladell

Paul Ladell will be doing a presentation on his “Alaska Adventure” Join us on May 21st, 7:00 PM at “The Maple Tree” in McFarland

April Meeting – Jim Bartelt

Jim Bartelt will talk about his trip to the end of the world. Fly fishing for giant sea-run brown trout in Argentina.